Mark holds a BA and PG Diploma in Psychology, an MSc. in Occupational & Organisational Psychology and an Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Executive Coaching. He utilizes this knowledge to stimulate and expand the peak performance of his clients.


  • High Performers
  • Directors
  • Middle Management
  • IT Professionals

Top Services:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Team Effectiveness

More about MARK DUFFY

Mark is a Business Coaching Psychologist with over six years’ experience in coaching, consulting and training a full spectrum of clients across various industries. This has afforded him opportunities to coach and deliver training workshops to clients and colleagues internationally in territories including Europe, Asia, the U.S., and Australia. Coaching ignites an abiding passion in Mark for facilitating business owners and executives to solve problems, to continually push beyond their limitations and barriers and to actualize their full potential. Clients report more innovative and expansive thinking strategies, decisive decision-making abilities, resolute self-motivation and heightened engagement, consequently enhancing organizational results. Businesses grow and commonly increase profits by over 15% per annum, business owners and managers demonstrate greater strategic leadership and employees at all levels are empowered to progress and routinely achieve job promotions.


  • BA in Psychology
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology
  • MSc. in Occupational & Organisational Psychology
  • Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Executive Coaching