Video Enhanced the Recruitment Star

Video Enhanced the Recruitment Star

Video Enhanced the Recruitment Star


I think I’ve heard it about a million times. HR/Recruitment is going to be replaced by technology. Well, I say bring it on. If there is a silver tech bullet that will complement the industry professional’s searching capabilities, ensuring that recruiter’s data and networks are working towards identifying great candidates then sign me up.

I have no fear about the industry being replaced by this as equally there are many experts telling us that the Human in HR will always remain and that no company will hire without meeting the candidate first: ‘seeing what they are like in person’. So what can we embrace on the tech side? What’s in vogue? Who has started?

From a company’s perspective, attracting great candidates is a constant struggle. The talent war is in full flight and only the bold will survive. Stephen Hawking says that ‘Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change’ and two leading companies in terms of trying something new within their recruitment strategy are Heineken and Deloitte.

Heineken is not new to using video to enhance their recruitment experience. In 2013, the company picked up an award at Cannes for “The Candidate,” an internship contest that generated 1,734 global entries but this time around it’s even more refined. ‘Go Places’ the video, invites interested candidates to answer 12 questions with a time limit of 3-5 seconds each. They based the questions on the Enneagram model. Depending on the result, you are assigned a personal profile which compliments your application to Heineken.

Unfortunately, this is where the logistics of the tech falls down from a recruitment perspective. Once your profile is revealed you are driven to Heineken’s LinkedIn page where you can apply for any role. This contradicts the use of tech to get closer to the desired candidate right away. Heineken does ensure that your personal profile results will be discussed at interview stage.

The point here, however, is that Heineken is using an interactive video as part of their recruitment process. Not only that, it’s a slick video that represents their brand. Heineken pride themselves on attention to detail and so depending on what country you view the video from, nation-specific products/references pop up. For example, the clock in the background shows your local time. The food shown is local: a stuffed bread delicacy if you are in Spain or Mexico and noodles if you are in Asia. Not only does it demonstrate a commitment to ensuring the look and feel of the production is right but it also shows the company’s commitment in delivering something fresh to a new age of potential employees that ‘get’ this way of doing things while keeping with their own traditions.

Oliver Mall was lucky enough to be retained as the Managed Service Provider for Heineken Ireland this time last year. We were charged with finding the best Graduates in the country to fulfill a new wave of talent to join this institution. We sourced, phone screened, phone interviewed, completed psychometric testing, face to face interviewed, and held all-day group assessment days to ensure we were working with the best and brightest Ireland had to offer. To say it was an amazing experience is an understatement. Collaborating with the fantastic HR team in Heineken and getting to know all the applicants was a pleasure. When consulting with the client we decided on an addition to complement our process, a one minute video where each candidate was asked the same question. This video was part of the applicants overall profile.

I’m a firm believer in storytelling. Good interviews are like a mini film: sharing experiences, ideas, thoughts and hypothesis throughout.  You get to know characters during a film, learn to love them, hate them, envy them and even need to revisit them at times to ensure that you were right about your first impression. Candidates are similar and just like some actors, some are better than others. Some get nervous and some can’t stop talking. When I look back, this small addition to the process, a one minute video, told us more than we could ever anticipate about the candidates.

I am a video convert and think that to compliment the traditional CV a video blog/minute blurb is going to become standard for candidates on the move.

Another company at the forefront of using video to ensure best in class talent is Deloitte. They have a video entitled ‘Will you fit into Deloitte’; they reference it as a Gamified interview for their NZ entity. On the media website Deloitte has been quoted as saying that their goal for the interactive video is to:

‘Educate potential candidates of Deloitte’s Graduate Recruitment campaign about the company’s culture and various service lines in a light-hearted, innovative, and interactive way, transforming what are usually dry and boring recruitment videos.’

It’s brilliant. It’s not only educating active graduate candidates on what it would be like to work in Deloitte but it also drives interested parties to even more video content from senior employees explaining what their ‘service lines’ deliver on a daily basis. From here a candidate can easily click through to the type of function they have an interest in and apply. Again the front end interaction lends little in the overall application but what Deloitte do that others don’t recognize that the talent they require easily traverse this medium on a daily basis. By investing in the candidate’s medium they will be streets ahead of some of their rivals vying for the same talent and in addition, Deloitte went one step further. To ensure that they were reaching their target audience, they recognized that it needed to be accessible to the modern candidate. By making this video compatible with tablets, mobile phones, and the trickiest platform iPhones, Deloitte targeted their desired demographic naturally.

An application and interaction with a prospective employer do not have to be said. In this age of social-online surely we can make it just that, social. The media to advertise vacancies is no longer ads in the paper, even job boards are in decline but it can be video, or at least video can complement the process. Interactive video works well and even though it’s the rare few that are committing to it now, the future is closer than we think.

‘Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect’ Mark Twain could have been talking about the new era of recruitment. Video killed the radio star but it might just enhance the human capital experience.

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