The Big Smoke, or the Next Big Thing?

The Big Smoke, or the Next Big Thing?

The Big Smoke, or the Next Big Thing?


When I moved From Dublin’s Fair City to Cork for work opportunities, I wasn’t sure how I’d settle in in a city where at one point people were petitioning to have separate passports to the rest of the country.

The root of that very concern is something I now love about this diverse, blossoming city. There is a sense of pride in their home that is unrivaled and is something to behold as someone coming in from the outside.

The immense sense of pride in this city not just from its natives, but from its adopted residents too. There is no limit to the time and energy people will contribute to making Cork an exciting hub for people from all walks of life looking to either visit or relocate.

There are new developments every day and the city is most certainly in a very transitional stage between old and new but it is wonderfully transparent to all who care to look, that there are huge efforts and investments being made to move into the future while still maintaining the history and sense of community that has always been the signature of Cork.

If that isn’t a draw already, the economy in Cork is most certainly on the up and seems to have a huge draw for people looking to get back on track with their careers but aren’t interested in the same rat race of that was brought on with the Celtic Tiger.

Perhaps for the first time in recent history people are seeing the best of both worlds here- Having excellent career opportunities with not only some of the world’s biggest multinational organisations setting up shop here, but a definitive notable increase in the SME sector, while still maintaining a pace of life that allows for family time, hobbies and a general better work/life balance.

This coupled with the current increase of movement in the job market in sectors such as Accountancy and Finance, Engineering and IT can only mean good things for the future of the rebel county.

As a recruitment consultant, I often speak to candidates looking to potentially make the move and I can honestly say that when I speak to candidates about the benefits of living in Cork, it is without a doubt, the easiest part of my job because I thoroughly believe in the benefits of living here. I’m always just painting a picture of why I love this city and promoting the many positives of making it home either on a short or long term basis. And I’m sure if you spoke to any of these candidates they would tell you that the passion with which I speak of Cork comes from the most genuine place.

As a young woman in the early stages of carving out a career in a city that isn’t where I was born and raised- I wholeheartedly believe there is room here for me to grow, and bear witness to the development of one of Europe’s newest trending cities. I find warmth here in the professional sector, an openness to helping each other out, that I have yet to find elsewhere that comes from an insistence to keep hold of the personal touch. Cork is the place where you build business relationships over a coffee and homemade scone, not over a brief impersonal email.

For a county with over 500,000 residents, the sense of community is unparalleled.

I am and will continue to be, wholeheartedly excited about the future of Cork. Dublin will always be home but for now, Cork is where my heart is.

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