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Some of the Memes for #backtowork are brilliant. It’s always hard to switch back into work mode: from the couch eating chocolates to the desk typing emails is a big step but it seems to be much easier for some people. I was greeted this morning with some early tweets from @TheRock and @RyanSerhant posting pictures from the gym at 4.10am and 5.45am respectfully, nailing their workout before hitting the ‘office’.

One of the key factors for success is motivation and when you enjoy what you do for a living, it’s much easier to get motivated.

New Year, YOUR opportunity to change YOUR market.

One of the goals on my ‘Christmas to do list’ was to start watching House of Cards. (easy enough goal to achieve!) I must say Francis Underwood is a brilliant character. It is because the character is so rooted in truth however that we can all relate to him and so even with all the manipulative, underhanded, illegal and shocking actions he engages in, in some way the audience still wants to see him ruthlessly attain his ultimate goal, because we all love a success story in the end.

It’s his ruthlessness that is his most dangerous trait and that same absolute commitment to being ruthless that keeps him focused on moving forward, always getting closer to achieving his ambition.

He has many great quotes but one particular quote stuck with me from the second season:

‘If you don’t like the way the table is set, then turn the table over’.

It may be a simplification but it’s exactly what needs to happen if you’re unhappy in what you do. Let’s not be mistaken, this simple action is not easy. It takes courage and commitment to follow through with change. Fear of the unknown can be arresting to most people but imagine next year waking up on the first working day of January with a smile of your face strutting into work, believing you’re making a difference and ruthlessly committing to enjoying what YOU do.

I took the plunge two years ago. I was stagnating in a career that lacked personal interaction and decided to leave my well paid role as a Manger in a secure Bank and start from the bottom in a recruitment agency. Many people told me I was insane. That January, I worked on my laptop at home I has so happy with what I was doing. This year, I opened my own agency and it’s exceeding expectations in every way so far. I was never too far away from my laptop over Christmas and New Year but it’s an exhilarating experience helping people find the right career. It’s motiving and rewarding creating your own company too. These experiences are all because I took the decision to ‘turn the table over’.

It’s not all plain sailing however. A steady wage is something we laugh about, a candidate or a client changing their mind at the last minute effects everything we work towards, countless long hours obliterated in an email or a phone call but I ruthlessly committed to radically changing my working environment. I did this so ultimately I would be a happier person and enjoy going to work every day. I followed through on that commitment so even if it is tough at times this year, for 2016 you won’t hear my complaining!

2016 is touted to be a record breaking year for the industry. Unemployment dropping, large multi nationals announcing jobs and a new minimum wage going live but what people are not taking about is candidates – more importantly the lack of talent that this country is currently experiencing sector wide.

As a candidate you are in a powerful position, you can change your circumstances and ensure that you’re happy with the changes.

YOUR opportunity as a candidate is to ‘turn the table over’ in your favour, the odds are with you and candidate power will be the primary driver in how any company attracts, secures and retains their staff in 2016.

If you would like to talk to Fionnán about the current market in Ireland and any opportunities you may be interested in please don’t hesitate to contact me on fionnan.o’

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